About Us

Malang Tourism Center (MTC), powered by PT Mitra Transwisata Cendekia is a travel & tourism company applying the concept of tourism transformation to provide practical and reliable solutions by offering reliable services and competitive prices.

MTC’s vision and mission is to strive to become a leading travel & tourism company among the best tourism companies recognized for its professionalism and focus on customer satisfaction by providing the best service excellence, as well as providing unforgettable travel experiences to clients.

MTC works to increase the number of clients and achieve the highest level of client satisfaction. MTC consists of a core group of experienced professionals and staff who are dedicated, reliable, and able to provide excellent service through personal service, competence, credibility, and stability.

As a manifestation of tourism transformation, MTC sustainably focuses on providing services in three major business fields, namely travel & tourism, event & entertainment, and creative media.

With more than 20 years of experience, our professional consultant team promises reliable and convenient services to all clients.


  • Advance tour packaging service provider that offers variety of services such as vacation packages, ticket booking, travel insurance, etc.
  • Offer its solution in more than 20 years handling tour and travel service experience to the clients from both domestic and overseas.
  • Year founded: 2003
  • Industry: Travel & Tourism, event organizing, entertainment, media creative
  • Headquarter: Malang, East Java, Indonesia
  • Founder: Sugiyanto

02. Tours

  • Cultural tours
  • Heritage tours
  • Adventure tours
  • Religious tours
  • Inbound/outbound tours

03. Specialities

  • Tour and travel arrangement
  • Car Rental
  • Accommodation booking
  • Event organizing
  • Entertainment management
  • Creative Media and documentation

04. Achievement

  • Founder of Malang Tourism Center (2003 – at present)
  • Certified creator tourism ambassador “Jaka & Rara” for Kabupaten Malang (2005)
  • Certified Publication & Launching “MalangView” as Sriwijaya Air flight booklet (2006)
  • Certified creator of heritage event “Grebeg Shinghasari” in Kabupaten Malang (2006, 2009)
  • Certified MURI Awards (2006 & 2007)
  • Registered vendor in UNDP, UNDCF, Kalfor Project (2018 – at present)

our Core Values

Innovation | Transparancy | Collaboration | Commitment | Passionate

Our Value Proposition

  • Affordable price
  • Diversity of services
  • Real time booking
  • Entertainment value added

Our Service Coverage

  • Mtc Travel Club
  • Group Travel
  • Individual Travel
  • Curated Travel Experiences By Travel Specialists
  • We Take The Stress Out Of Travel

Our Key Resources

  • Experienced Staff
  • Natural and Cultural Attraction
  • Global Network

Our Key Partners

  • Travel Agents
  • Technology Partner
  • International & Domestic Tour Operator
  • Transport Rental Company

Our History

Incorporated as Tourism Information Center
Expanded Services into travel and tourism Agency
Entered partnership with Sriwijaya Air for inflight tourism booklet & ticketing
Expanded services into travelcafe and entertainment management
Entered into travel partnership for Umrah & Hajj
Adapted to transformation tourism Mitra Transwisata Cendekia
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To be leading tour and travel agent among best tourism companies being recognized for our professionalism.


To focus on customer satisfaction by delivering excellent quality of services and proving unforgettable travel experience to clients.


To increase the number of clients with which the company works and to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.

Our Professional team




Emerald Fatahillah

Chief OF
Tour and Travel
Son Haji

Ust. Sonhaji Said

Chief Of Umrah and Hajj
Moch Sugiharto

Ust. Moch. Sugiharto

CHief of HRD

Achmad Maulana

Chief OF Sales and Marketing

Adit Kurnia

Chief OF Event And Entertainment
Yoga Bayu

Yoga Bayu S.

Diena Salbilla

Diena Sabilla

Chief Of Finance